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AQUAJOY has a range of Salt & Mineral Swimming Pool Chlorinators to suit the sanitation needs of all pools.

Our range of salt & mineral chlorinators includes
Self Cleaning Models & Standard Chlorinators.

Self Cleaning Salt Water Chlorinators

The Aquajoy range of self-cleaning chlorinators offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality and reliable solutions for pool owners. With a focus on innovation, convenience, and performance, Aquajoy provides three distinct models: the "Elite", the "Mineral Plus and the "Unique," each catering to specific needs and preferences.

One of the standout features of the Aquajoy chlorinator is its self-cleaning mechanism. The system utilises reverse polarity technology, which automatically reverses the polarity of the cell during operation. This action helps prevent calcium build-up on the cell plates, reducing the need for manual cleaning and ensuring consistent performance. The self-cleaning function is particularly valuable in the Australian climate, where high temperatures and increased evaporation rates can lead to higher concentrations of minerals in the water.

AquaJoy Replacement Cells

AquaJoy replacement cell electrodes can be fitted to older, existing power packs that are in good working order & condition, where the cell has served its useful working life. (usually after 5 - 8 years).

AquaJoy replacement cells are also compatible with many other brand power packs, where cell electrodes have failed or are no longer available. 

Standard Salt Chlorinators (non self cleaning)

The AquaJoy Standard and Auto Deluxe range of salt water chlorinators have a rich history as the original and reliable choice, having been manufactured for over 30 years.

The AquaJoy Standard & Auto Deluxe units are ideal for Fiberglass and Vinyl lined pools with low Calcium levels (and do not require self cleaning).

The power pack is available with or without a 24hr timer. The timer simply automates the filtration & chlorination cycles for your pool at the times that you set. These units are also compatible for replacing many alternate brands if their Power Pack has failed, utilising the existing electrode.

AquaJoy Replacement Power Packs

The AquaJoy Auto Deluxe and Standard Power Packs can be a replacement for many failed, in field Salt Chlorinators power packs. They can replace many other brands of power packs that have failed or are no longer available. They are also compatible with many other brands non self cleaning cell electrodes.

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